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HR management systems

  • HR Operations Management System
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Career Portal Design

HR Management

Smardex Workspace was designed to be an economic yet comprehensive solution including Payroll, Recruitment,
Expense Claim, Vacation Management and Attendance.

  • Human Resources
Recruitment till Payroll

Workspace automates Job requisitions.
Turns Job requisitions into job offers.
Turns accepted offers into employee contracts.
Enrolls employees on smart directory.
Takes case of Employee’s onboarding, by generating and assigning task lists to IT, facility management…etc to
prepare employees laptops, desks …etc ahead to an employee’s first day!

Manage Geo Attendance

Smardex can log the employees’ Geo attendance detected at office locations as well as at the customer locations.
It also Integrates with fingerprint hardware to easily manage attendance and suggest deductions.

Expense Reimbursement!

Workspace allows you to submit expense claims from your phone.
Simply take a picture of your expense and submit it for approval from your phone.
The mobile app is fully integrated with Workspace.
So once the approver(s) release the expense through the mobile app, the expense is recorded in Workspace System
to be paid to the employee…

Smart Payroll

Workspace is a smart system which helps you to process payroll easily taking into consideration all variables related
to taxes, social insurance, deductions, as well as overtime, expense claims and even attendance.
Once payroll is processed your employees will get notifications on their phones as well as by email with the payroll

Vacation Management

Plan your leave through your mobile and obtain the approvals digitally.



Start optimizing your recruiting process today and save 80% on hiring cost and time!

  • Post unlimited jobs
  • Create hiring pipelines
  • Screen and filter applicants
  • Shortlist and schedule an interview
  • Assign team members and rate candidates
  • Conduct live interviews and review candidates personality analysis report

Career Page Design

Make a great, lasting first impression with our customizable Career Pages.

Our design options are focused on experience and effectively deliver the right messaging in the right places, at the right time, to the right audience to help you achieve proactive recruitment marketing



  • Match Resumes with existing job posts
  • Elevatus AI recommender is integrated in the matching system
  • Filter resumes using keywords
  • Resumes are hashed and duplicates are automatically flagged
  • Supports 17 languages including English, French and German.
  • •Invite candidates to apply for a certain job